Coorg 5-6/8

On Friday evening, tired after almost a week (no way for me 😂 ) we departed to the mountain city called Coorg. It was ‘just’ a 6-hours drive and even having 3 seats for myself, I didn’t manage to sleep for longer than half an hour, so the next morning I was pretty wasted.

Coorg is situated in around 1200 m above sea level, but I got a heart attack when the Indians told us that it’s 3500… feet! I was in such attitude just once in my life, skiing in French Alpes, and I almost fainted, hardly managed to slide down the slope and needed a lot of hot chocolate afterwards.

Early morning we arrived to out accommodation, which to our surprise turned out to be too small. I ended up sleeping with 3 people – my lovely Sarah Bubu, Alan Jackie and Hriday – my Indian brother, in a double bad.


After breakfast we took the bus end went to the elephant sanctuary.

I hated it from the beginning! Using super-polluting boats we crossed the river to meet elephants with chained legs, hit with the sticks. I doubtlessly informed the staff that I would also chained their legs with pleasure but they didn’t quite understand my problem… or English.


My Turkish friend succeeded also in getting a fine for smoking in the nature park. We were not quick enough to suggest him to bribe the guy…


Later it was slightly better – I managed to bath an elephant in disgusting dirty river and touch its trunk. It was so lovely! We were discussing a lot if it has bones inside (it doesn’t) or if it is just muscles, lot maybe if it’s just like a human penis… typical western conversation! Anyway – I’m in love with elephants and my next tattoo will be white ink on my breast (place I usually do not sunbath, as this ink gets yellow in sunlight), presenting an elephant and a fox (LIS in Lisowska means FOX). I just need to ask my friends – architects for some inspiration!


Afterwards we headed for lunch and to the Buddhist temple. I didn’t find it too entertaining so after running quickly through it, I came back to the bus to get some sleep.

Next we were supposed to go to the ‘most gorgeous view in Scotland of India’. Well, maybe it was… we saw nothing apart the fog and rain. The only Scottish accent was the flag which Alan brought, and which happened to be my jacket and umbrella.

Ordering pizza for dinner we headed back to the hotel, buying as always lots of beers on our way. The night was quite crazy, full of laughs and deep conversations. I slept at 2, just to be woken up by Manas M.A.D. who arrived at 4, as he had classes the day before. The four of us slept surprisingly well cuddling and spooning in the little bed.

Next morning it took us a while to wake everybody up and make them go to the bus. Instead of 7:30 we departed at 9… We ate breakfast in the multi cuisine restaurant which service was probably slower than it has ever happened to me before.


Next we headed to the Wildlife Sanctuary and swam in the waterfall. It was probably the biggest number of white naked people in one place in the whole India! Unfortunately we got injured too… I got bitten by a leech, luckily I haven’t seen it (heart attack). I just saw my T-shirt soaking with blood, which I couldn’t stop for two hours, although I desinfected it and put salt on it. Pretty creepy experience, but luckily leeches do not transmit any diseases apart from injecting hirudin, which ceases clot formation.


After lunch we all got even worse… 5 people stopping the bus to vomit, at least 5 more suffering from famous Flitzekaka (best wishes to Philipp Kaiser!)… It was a funny journey back home!

In the evening we needed to say ‘see you sooner or later’ (I never say ‘good-bye’) to Sarah Bubu Bellis the Little Scottish, as she went for holidays to Thailand, US and than back to Scotland. We will miss you so much, Baby Girl Drunken Angel!


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