Humans of Manipal vol.2

I always claim that I am very lucky in my life! I cannot complain about my situation – I am healthy (well, not in India… Hello, fever, muscle pains and flitzekacka!), loved and respected, supported, can afford to cover my needs, I can study. But my biggest luck and fortune are the people I encounter in my life. I think it’s just some 6th sense or a good karma.

by Bence Fejes

I constantly meet new people. Family, childhood friends, kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school… Finally university, incoming Erasmus, people from my exchanges, co-workers, couchsurfers, travelers, people I meet on the street (yes, I make friends on the street too…), and all those random people who come just out of nowhere and stay – for a minute or for the rest of my life. Of course, sometimes the relationships get loose and disappear, but for now I just lost one close friend, and consciously cut out any bonds with two other people. With the rest of people in my life I have only positive experiences – good, great, amazing, awesome, enriching, developing, supportive.

Manipal is just another of my student exchanges (hopefully not the last one), and of course I immediately met many other students – both Indians and Internationals. But I meet other people too.

After how lovely this morning was, I would like to talk about my yoga guru – Pradeepa.

Pradeepa, as one of 4 sisters, comes from Sri Lanka and graduated from Physical Education. She can teach martial arts, yoga, fitness and do personal training, as well as meditation. She is my hero, too. Today I came to class slightly late, with sore throat and hardly any force. I was not able to do exercises which I was doing easily a few days back. Pradeepa has healing abilities, too. After light yoga training she told me to lay down, just touched my forehead and used her natural mineral stones. I remained restless for around 15 minutes and really felt much better. Maybe it’s placebo, maybe I just believed it… I am a daughter of a doctor and a future engineer – I still believe in paracethamol, tea and staying in bed, but if laying down with cold stones on my chakras is not pure pleasure, tell me what is.

by Bence Fejes

Pradeepa is like my Indian mother, too. Just entering her 40ties, very sportive (who can do the splits at that age?!), funny, intelligent, wise, curious, supportive, talks openly about many things which the rest of the Indians do not even think about. After yoga session I usually take a shower there to go to work directly after, and when I’m done Pradeepa welcomes me with scrambled eggs, toast bread, NOT SPICY chutney and black coffee with NO SUGAR. Isn’t it lovely? I need to fill her fridge up to full before I go!

And I am not perfect. Usually I am couple of minutes late, I complain a lot. Sometimes I over sleep, I am sick or my yoga pants are not dry after laundry. But Pradeepa, apart from laughing at me, accepts and understands. And this motivates me even more to move my ass and achieve my goal – yoga every morning in Manipal!

Another very important person I’ve mentioned already a couple of times is my Indian brother Hriday. I am officially accepted as his sister by his girlfriend and mother, to whom I gossip behind his back (- Ritika – mom – could you make Hriday wear his helmet when he drives the scooter? He doesn’t listen to me.).


Yesterday we had an important celebration – Raksha Bandhan! It is basically a day to commemorate sacred bond between brothers and sister. We tied thread breaceletes (rakhee) on each others’ hands (Hriday already lost his during dancing and I have to get him a new one -_-), I also made a cake for him, which was really hardcore. As you know I do not have kitchen in my room, so I was crushing Oreo with a jar and mixing peanut butter with coconut cream in a plastic cup, with a fork… Do it yourself, version: emergency.


Hriday is almost a perfect Indian male version of me. I’ve never met a person who talks as much as me and eats as much as me! And with his only 18 years, he is such a lovely and mature men ❤

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