Where is my time?

I suffer from the chronic lack of time. At first I thought it happens just back in Poland – where I have university, extensive social life, some family life, every day duties, extra courses… I was studying in Sweden for one semester and I also had university + social life + traveling + house keeping… So it seemed normal too.

Here in India I am just for 12 weeks, my social group is limited to less than 100 people, I have pretty flexible working hours and a lot of freedom. Why I don’t have time again?

I guess it is just my personality, the fear of missing out (Millenials again), curiosity, energy. I am trying to live my life in 300% and do not want to skip any moment or opportunity.

(c) Bence Fejes

That is why – apart from working – I start every day with yoga at 7AM, go to each lunch and dinner with other interns or coworkers, attend every party until the late night, and as always – volunteer.

I just love volunteering. I wish I could do it in more noble way, but I haven’t found a proper opportunity yet. Last year at my previous work I volunteered to organize a company barbecue… I kept doing that until the end of the summer, every second week on average. I am just a master when it comes to planning and organization. If I wasn’t an engineer to be, I am sure I would become an event planner.

It’s Saturday 10AM for me, I should be sleeping, as I partied yesterday second day in a row. Why am I up? Cause we just had our dancing rehearsal. Yes, I volunteer here too. This weekend – together with IAESTE and other interns – we celebrate Namaste Manipal, International week full of activities for all of us. And most of us volunteered to perform an Indian dance, as well as walk on a catwalk wearing clothes from different regions of India. It’s gonna be so much fun!

Apart from that we also had a dinner with saree wraping competition, ranguli powder painting, soon I am going out for the campus hare and hounds, in the evening we all party at Bollywood night. And yesterday I survived the whole party and dancing wearing a saree. And I honestly do not know how Indian women do it in their every day life!

(c) Bence Fejes

Coming back to the point – I do not have time for anything. I should sleep more, read more, take a rest, catch up with my series. But I just cannot miss any second of my stay in India! Fear of missing out joined with hyper-productivity.

Productivity is a very trendy word. I am not a fan of it. Probably you can read more constructive things about it if you read THE POST of my uni friend – Paulina Paullajna Wyrwas.

I am productive, effective, organized and active. And I could write a book about it (which by the way I promised to so many people recently… Pradeepa – my yoga guru, Alan, Pablo…), but why? Each of us has their own – more or less succesful – way to manage their time. And I think that it does not matter if you hand in an assignment 3 days or 5 minutes before the deadline, as long as it is done. I do it both ways, depending on my current situation, and never suffered any problems because of it.

I am quite happy about my productivity and little-time-I-have management. I am happy with what I do and achieve, I do not fall behind with studies or work, I am a good friend, fair flatmate and not-bad daughter. I do what satisfies me and still have some room for mistakes. Yes, time is mine.

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