Sewing workshop at Nubee

In the beginning of this semester I decided that in order not to get crazy with my university, engineering, thesis and other studies-related issues, I should do something completely different just for myself at least once a month! In October I’ve been volunteering at Filmteractive festival and learning about work in social media. On Wednesday 8/11 I had a chance to attend a 5-hours sewing workshop organized by the Polish clothing company called Nubee completely for free!

Zrzut ekranu 2017-11-11 o 15.38.57
What a pity that no man is ever interested in broadening his manual skills!

I needed to take a day-off from lectures, because the workshop took me most of the day. After one hour of theoretical introduction, some practical exercises with a sewing machine there was quite little time left for the final project, especially that – apart from the backpack – I also wanted to make a MacBook case, since I needed it a lot (recently I carry my laptop with me almost every day!).


I have had so much fun there! Well, okay, at some moments I thought that sewing is just another activity I am not talented in… For example when I miscalculated the size of my MacBook and a case was far too big. When I sewed the pocket on the wrong side of the material. Or when I cut my finger very very deeply with very very sharp scissors and I was bleeding A LOT. But I had so much fun there! And I am so proud of myself, the backpack I designed and made is actually cool and not that bad-looking, so I am definitely gonna wear it. And it’s a great topic for small talk xD

Zrzut ekranu 2017-11-11 o 15.41.07

I always admire my Mom for how talented she is. Being a doctor, she has surprisingly many hobbyhorse not-at-all connected to what she does. She has great taste for the interior design (I think I’ve posted how her apartment looks like), she can embroider, knit and sew (she saved so many of my clothes!), draws pretty well and has many many creative ideas.


Anyway – I am not as talented as my Mom, but still – PROUD of myself. And really happy about how I have spent this day. I needed some fresh air.



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