Keep lagom

It’s the first day of winter today. Not that it matters, but noticing such facts gives me some time structure and orientation. Maybe I just treat my life like a tv series and divide it into episodes? When I think about the past, I can clearly see them separately, and it is very often connected to the season of the year… Anyway. That’s not what I wanted to write about.

I’ve mentioned lagom a couple of times already… A very meaningful word expressing ‘not to little, not to much, just perfect’. I heard it many times in Sweden. It must be apparently some kind of ‘Swedishness coefficient’ – they all want to be so correct, levelled and… simple?

I recently borrowed this book from a friend and wanted to share the most memorable  lagom facts. It’s great that someone (Linnea Dunne to be precise) wrote the whole theory guidebook of what the Swedes have in their blood…

Zrzut ekranu 2017-12-21 o 16.24.11
Everything is automatically more appealing if I photograph it on my very-oh-so-instagrammable rug 😉

         § What is lagom about? In the most basic meaning it describes something which is ‘enough’ or ‘proper’ – good amount of milk in coffee or the perfect touch of the massagist. In the intangible meaning the meaning is more subtle – it means that the balance reached perfection, which results in many social codes. Lagom means that accepting the invitation to your friend’s summer house, you bring your own bed sheets to share the laundry responsibility. Lagom is the right to stay at home with your sick child, but not overusing this right. It’s buying a practical, sustainable car even if it does not look appealing. It’s painting just one wall in significant color and leaving the rest white, because too much of color would be overwhelming. It’s painting lips in wine red but reducing the rest of the make up. Lagom is a burger without french fries because moderateness is a virtue.

         § Did you know that – according to researchers – money does give happiness, but just up to some extent? Money contents the poor, but this effect does not occur in the rich. Lagom amount of money is sufficient. Above this level happiness depends on different factors.

         § Lagom mentality: when you already learn how to catch some distance and do not allow your thoughts for meaningless circulation, you will live more authentically and concentrated, accepting both good and bad experiences.

         § If your tasks at work are done well, it means that you devote them lagom amount of time.

         § Mindfullness meditation aims at reaching non-judgemental consciousness of the now and can help you accept things which you cannot change. 

         § In the end think, what happiness is for you. Our expectations are a heave weapon – if you look for euphoria, your life will be mainly the point of disappointment. From the lagom perspective, the life is about accepting problems, looking for solutions, but also enjoying little moments, peace and joys of everyday reality. If you learn to speak directly, but cooly, you will handle all the feelings and dramas with no problem.

From Lagom. The Swedish Art of Balanced Living. by Linnea Dunne.

Apart from purely psychological and philosophical aspects, you can find there many tips about lagom life (hobbies, sports, interest clubs), cooking, fashion and interior design – so all I love in Scandinavian production!

The book has lovely and cozy design and is perfect to read under the blanket on snowy evenings when it’s called outside… Ok, no blogger bull-sh*t 😀 Of course I was reading it in the crowded trams while commuting in the morning.

Zrzut ekranu 2017-12-21 o 16.13.22

And Hygge… I’ve read this book a year ago and I am still in love. There must be something addictive in Scandinavia!

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