Mexico – part 1 – Queretaro

Hello hello after Christmas! I’ve realized I really enjoy being offline on holidays. No notifications bothering me for the whole day, no need to check anything ‘important’ immediately. The post of Paris is yet to come, right now I will go with the wave of Mexico.

I’m not the biggest fan of flying. I don’t mind it, it’s still much better than HOURS in the bus, but not really exciting. 11.5 hours of my first transatlantic flight from Paris to Mexico City were not that bad, though.

After watching Netflix, reading magazines and eating all the snacks served by the flight attendant just out of boredom, I felt really excited when I’ve seen Florida from the window. That was the moment when I really felt how important this moment was – I’ve been waiting for this trip for the last 7 months and it was finally about to happen! And I was just approaching the North America, so the new continent was to be ticked on the list!


I faced the worse jet lag ever. 7 hours of time difference and the high altitude of Mexico City made me feel as if I were drunk.

I’ve taken the bus to Querétaro, where my Erasmus friend Andrea lives. Claudine from Canada was already there, and was much more energetic than me (just 1h difference…).

On the first day we went, accompanied by Andrea’s brother and his friend, to La Peña de Bernal – a huge lonely stone located around 40 min drive from Querétaro, surrounded by the quaint village full of unique handmade souvenirs are very weird snacks.

Important fact about Mexico – I’m surviving! Food is as spicy as it was in India, but it’s easier to find a more eatable equivalent. And I do not poison myself on every corner like in Asia… Nevertheless – Mexican food is kind of weird! I mean – obviously delicious, but it’s all just about different combinations of tortilla bread with meat, rice, beans, tomatoes, avocado and onion.


The top of weirdness was chilaquiles: the typical breakfast dish Andrea ordered for us on the first day – kind of Dorritos, bland and soaked in chili sauce with the fried egg on the top and lentils on the side. It was delicious, but how did they even come up with this idea? XD Not to mention super spicy and super sweet Mexican candies and lollipops… Or michelada – a drink made of beer, tomato and chili. This country is really inventive!

After the walk around the village and admiring the stone (which looks like it was thrown from the sky by the aliens), during which I almost died of the temperature and altitude, we headed to La Redonda wine plantation, where we had a really nice picnic in the sun. You can imagine how my face looked like in the evening… I am one of those people who have just two shades of skin – sour cream or fried shrimp.


Next we have visited the lovely town of Tequis – full of Mexican tourists enjoying the last hours of Christmas. We ate the first tacos (the food and drink check-list is quite extensive here!) and headed home… well, not successfully.


On the way we ran out of gasoline and spent one hour on the side of the road waiting until our friends get us some. At some point I was just wandering who will be first – them or Mexican cartel willing to sell our organs to get drugs. It was an adventure though 😀


We were planning to go out in the evening, but ended up too tired to move from the couch. We finally tried the Mexican tequila, though, and I would really be happy if I can open the business to import it to Poland! Even the cheapest Mexican tequila tastes better than the one we have in Poland.

Next day was pretty lazy – after the long sleep and burritos for breakfast (me and Claudine were very motivated to try all the Mexican food so we didn’t differentiate between meals and its content), we took a walk in Querétaro city center, drank amazing tropical margaritas and took an early afternoon bus to Mexico City. Claudine, as a YOLO tourist without the plan, decided to go with me.

In Mexico I feel pretty proud of my Spanish. I am able to communicate everything I need, and their accent is not that hard to understand – even when speaking fast. I try to learn new words every day!

I don’t feel in danger – maybe because I’m with the local friends all the time. However, there are prison-like fences and quite a lot of police on the streets… Andrea also said that she wouldn’t walk out alone at night.

I got rid of jet lag pretty easily – 2 nights of more-less proper sleep have let me adjust quickly. And it’s quite funny that when I call my parents just after waking up, they are already finishing dinner…

Overall first impression of Mexico – great. Exotic but civilized. Friendly people, sunny weather, lots of differences, local traditions and cute places. But my opinion is the same like about Spain – great country to visit for holidays, enjoy the atmosphere and then go back to the more organized place… it’s just all too slow, not serious, not punctual, disorganized and easy going for me!

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