Bye bye, 2017

This year was special. Well, every single one is, but 2017 was different for me than any year before.

I’ve spend 9 months abroad. First on my awaited mobility semester in Sweden, then quite spontaneously in India, plus all the smaller and bigger trips I’ve done. Can you believe that I have been to 19 different countries this year?!

This year I realized that I am actually living the life I always wanted to have. Ambitious plans, lots of traveling, great people around me, discovering sooo many new things, experiencing each moment.

I wish every year could look like this one – 9 months in the far-away and totally different places and 3 where my roots are. That would give me a lot of peace and equilibrium. Let’s try to convert a wish to a plan? Maybe.

Sweden thought me how to slow down. Both physically and mentally. I don’t need to be socially EVERYWHERE anymore. I let myself just relive everything. I strive for balance, I’m good to myself and others. I am still over-demanding for myself and sometimes I stress out to much, but maybe it’s something I can live with, if it makes me running?

India thought me A LOT. I didn’t even expect how much. I look differently at the first world problems. I appreciate Europe much more. And I really see how lucky in life I am.

In India I became a fighter, too. Not that I couldn’t stick to my rules, but now I can fight for myself and others like a lion.

I really got into yoga and I don’t ever want to lose it! Meeting people at my classes who practice it for 20 years and watching what they do with their bodies at their 50ies is really motivating… So is the feeling I have after each class.

My official uni graduation will happen already in 2018, but I feel it now very strongly too. It’s not about the crazy struggle of writing the final thesis and for the first time in my life – working on ONE project ALONE, constantly during 6 MONTHS (did I ever mention how easily I get bored?). I feel that graduating will be a big step in my life. Not that much will change (well, I won’t have insurance anymore so I need to remain in good health XD). I just feel the difference in my approach and the view for life. Uni was a school like all the others before – there is something to do, to study, some homework, timetable to follow. Apart from that – great student life! So many possibilities, activities! Meeting new people every day! Partying like there is no tomorrow, but also so many interesting projects! Well, there is no Erasmus for high school kids for instant…

I guess that ‘adulthood after graduation’ will be more responsibility, less spontaneity, but still more freedom and independence! I can’t say if it will be better or worse… For sure just different. And I look forward to it.

I also understood that everything changes. What was supposed to be forever blurs away suddenly, and some little insignificant things get a lot of meaning in broader perspective. Maybe it’s also adult life? Or just universe in general?

There are no mistakes, just lessons we need to revise. And although I’ve noticed that sometimes I do the same thing multiple times, I learn something new every time. And I still rarely regret anything.

I learnt a lot about people in general. I made many new friends, I believe some of them will stay forever. I’ve lost some people too, I’m not proud of it.

I still have plan for the nearest 1-2 years. Some people can’t believe it and are scared how obsessed I am with having A PLAN. I also scare myself sometimes, but I guess that clear goals give me some sense of stability, and result from my ambition and fear of missing out (if not now, when?!). Nevertheless, life is much more about the journey than about the destination… So I still don’t know what will happen and what I decide on my way 😉

I wish you all the best in 2018! Good health, inspiring people around and your dreams and plans coming true. Follow your intuition, that’s the only way to go!

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