Mexico part 2 – a day with The Maya

Since Ana didn’t let us rent a car (‘Mafia, Narcos, traffic, jungle, DRAMA!’), we decided to go for an organized tour, like lazy tourists. We were picked up from the apartment and everything was provided to us and easy like for kids. Nice, but too boring for my style of traveling. By chance we ended up in the group run not only in Spanish but also Italian, so Chiara was lucky!

The first stop was the Maya village. I was so surprised about their culture! Primary gods, colorful stylistic, natural medicine and great respect to nature. We even had a chance to learn a toast in Maya language! Not that I could repeat it…

I was astonished by how much of this civilization remained until today… Their first language is still Maya, many women on the streets wear the traditional clothes, the monuments, buildings and paintings are very well-preserved… It all started in 2000 BC!


One of the best points there was Cenote – natural underground lake in a cave, with water filtered by the ground and fish swimming inside. Swimming there was an unforgettable experience!


Next point was the must-see! Chichen Itzá – one of the 7 World Wonders, is located around two hours drive from Cancun complex of pyramids built also by the Maya, as a temple and a place of paying tribute to gods.


Incredible how much they knew about astrology and mathematics such a long time ago! One pyramid is built in such a way, that twice a year – 21st of March and 22nd of September the shadows form a snake, which is the symbol of luck and wisdom. In the other pyramid raising sun goes exactly through the middle of god’s monument twice a year.


Seeing another World Wonder raised in me an ambition to see all of them… another bucket list!

In the end we went to Valladolid – a town built basing on the city of the same name in Spain, and founded by the Spanish conquistadors. Quaint and lovely place, perfect to see the sunset!

The entertaining thing about organized tourism is observing the people from your tour. We had lots of fun making up stories about their lives 😀
We came back pretty exhausted, went out for dinner (sorry Mexico, I can’t even look anymore on any variation of tortilla…), had a cocktail by our rooftop swimming pool and headed to another party.


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