Green Monday… Ah wait, it was BLUE

Hello. It’s 15 of January, the third Monday of the year. Did you even realized that it is the famous Blue Monday – the day claimed to be the most depressing one in the whole year?

Exactly. I also wouldn’t notice if a friend hadn’t told me during a boring lecture. And it just probably popped up on her Facebook wall… Yes, if noone told us to be unhappy, maybe we would not be unhappy?

(c) Ana Estrada #AE

My day was totally fine. Good breakfast, succesfull appointment in student assistance office, a not-bad lecture, fruitfull meeting with my supervisor, watching a great movie (Like stars on Earth, I can recommend), first yoga after the holiday, hot chocolate in the evening. What could make me depressed today? Nothing which wouldn’t get my down yesterday, tomorrow or in this period of time in general.

This is probably the biggest success of my mind – finally, even having second thoughts, concerns bothering me, worries about the future, fears of unpredictable – I deal with my mind. Most of the times I can turn it off, mute it for a sec or even convince myself that it’s not a real reason to worry.

If I manage to live with everything which happens in my mind, why would anyone tell me that exactly today I should be sad and misereable? And even if it is statistically proven, why would I conform to that?

Fun fact, there is even a mathematical formula proving that the third Monday of January is the worst day ever (yes, my brain got so ‘engineerized’ that I really found it exciting).

Cliff Arnall published it in 2006. The formula uses many factors, including: weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action.

\frac{(C \times R \times ZZ)}{((Tt + D) \times St)} + (P \times Pr)>400

where Tt = travel time; D = delays; C = time spent on cultural activities; R = time spent relaxing; ZZ = time spent sleeping; St = time spent in a state of stress; P = time spent packing; Pr = time spent in preparation.

If I was to calculate that (and had any idea how to do it), I would rather rely it on: time until the next travel, amount of chocolate around, number of new episodes to watch and prices of the coctails in a bar, but maybe that’s why I am not a mathematician…

Stay happy, Monday is almost over!

Of course this formula is bulls**t. You can read about it HERE. But this shows another fun (or rather sad) fact – average person will believe it automatically cause ‘if it looks like Maths, it must be true. It’s science!’.

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