You deserve a good story

I had known this song for so long! Come on, everyone heard it, or at least any other remix (well, I do not even know which of all of them is original). I was surprised that I found in this song, or rather in a video, anything what inspired me to write. Something new. Or maybe it was always there?

‘Oh come on, Zuza, you deserve a good story!’ – that’s exactly what a friend told me recently. The conversation was basically about how some people are just meant for each other: meet their second half at 16 and stay together for the rest of their life. And others crawl through life, search for something big and at some point just go for a not-bad option. I expressed the opinion that yes, I believe in unbelievable, in people who fight thousand battles to finally manage to get happily together, in stories which tell about a true, unconditional love, BUT that I do not see it happening for me. ‘So you believe in a crazy, romantic love story for other people but you don’t believe it for yourself?’. I really found it sad. And decided to reconsider that and change my approach for my own good.

What should my good story be about?


 I am not sure if I believe in love at the first sight. Maybe I don’t, maybe it just never happened to me so I don’t know how it feels. Similarly, I keep asking my engaged friends WHAT IS THE FEELING they have and how do they even know that THIS is someone they want to be with for the rest of their life? I don’t know it and still didn’t get a clear answer. But, in this case, I believe that I will get to know it when the right time comes.

For sure I am not a romantic type. I am definitely practical and reasonable. My common sense just doesn’t not let me be spontaneous with feelings. Well, I even have it tattooed… My heart-brain on right thigh depicts the equilibrium between emotional and intellectual way of making choices.

 And here comes the video – I would love to live the story like this! Even more – fall in love like crazy, drop all my reality and every-day life, move to the other side of the world just because of LOVE. And I really wonder if my mind, logic and sense of responsibility will ever let me live it. Even if that would just last a month. Even if it would be a huge mistake. I really hope that something like this will happen to me at some point. And when is a better moment to experience it than now?

A couple of days ago I was planning a huge trip with a friend. The plane tickets back turned out to be very expensive and we still try to figure something out about it. At some point I was saying: ‘why would I even buy the ticket back? Maybe I will fall in love and stay there forever?!’. And although I was joking, I secretly hope it to come true. So maybe I really am a hidden romantic? Or prospective romantic-to-be?

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