Paris – my sneak peek

My BSc thesis, accompanying it paper work and general mess in life effectively deprived me of the ability and urge to write. Now I am back.

I don’t know how come that with as much as I travel I hadn’t been to Paris before! I was going to fly to Mexico with the lay over in Paris anyway, so I decided to arrive there a couple of days earlier and finally visit the City of Love (blah blah).

There was no better time to go there than Christmas – the atmosphere was just lovely, there were not that many people around and the weather was surprisingly good. Yes, I had a moment of ‘what the hell am I doing here alone when everyone else is spending Xmas with their families’, but it quickly passede, since my travel propulsion is much stronger than social pressure sensitivity. Especially that by coincidence I had a great family to spend the Evening with

I was again very lucky with my couch surfing host! Bottle of Żubrówka and the welcoming dinner always break the ice anyway 😉

I knew that 2 days to see Paris is definitely not enough, so I decided to take a glimpse of everything and just walk through the whole city. I haven’t even entered Louvre, for example, since that would take me at least one day! I will need to come back in the future!

I’ve spent the first day with Adele – a friend from my Erasmus in Sweden, following her well-planned guided tour, and another day alone just wandering randomly and discovering places, which was probably the best way to ‘feel’ the city having so little time. Still – there is nothing beating Rome in my ranking, but Paris made a great impression on me too.


Montmartre absolutely won my heart. As a fan no. 1 of Amelie movie I really enjoyed getting lost in the little streets and exploring every little corner. To my surprise, the coffee shop where Amelie worked really exists, still looks exactly the same AND IS FULL OF USUAL PEOPLE, not just crazy tourist who go there just to take pictures (like I did) 😀


All the cliché points were pretty impressive too. Well, Eiffel tower was smaller than I expected. The same with Notre Dame cathedral – I looked at it and was like ‘and that’s it…?’. Moulin Rouge on the other hand looks different from what I imagined – it has much more charm than on all the pictures. And the glass pyramids in front of Louvre entrance just took my breath away. Not that they are so cool or something… I guess it was more like finding out that something you just saw in the movies really EXISTS 😀

If I was to describe Paris in one word (not letting it be wine or cheese :D) it would definitely be art. I didn’t go to any museum other than Centre Pompidou (which – apart from having huge and diverse collection – is a horrible building completely not fitting to the rest of the city), but the artistic spirit is just so dense that you can almost feel it on your skin. I didn’t see many of those painters with a moustache and a beret, but street art and architecture definitely create a picture. Every little corner in Paris is special!

The people are so chic. Yes, they are too fancy, snobbish and I generally feel we couldn’t be friends with most of them :D, but I have to admit – they all look like one million dollars.

Window shopping was never that much pleasure. And the Christmas smell of oranges just made it all even more special.

I will definitely be back. To go to Louvre and eat creme brullee. And when I will be already horribly rich, I will buy an apartment in Montmartre! I just loved it…


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