The TIME and what to do with it

Maybe I’m obsessed with it, but the concept of the NEW CHAPTER is constantly spinning in my head at the moment, which pushes me to change something.

I am graduating in less than a week (keep your fingers crossed for my defense presentation). Adult life starts. I will lose the right to student discounts and public healthcare on 31st of March and I will officially become a member of a grey zone, or rather some weird minor social group of unemployed, not-studying and unproductive people. DRAMA! Well, at least in theory.

I have absolutely NOTHING to do for the next month, indeed. It seems incredible to me! I have never been in such situation and it’s terrifying me. I am addicted to DOING something, being PRODUCTIVE and ACHIEVING goals. When I have nothing planned for a particular day and just scroll Facebook or watch movies I feel like the worse person in the world 😀 That’s why I decided to challenge myself and let myself just to be bored until the middle-March, when the new adventure (yet to be described) starts.

Obviously, I won’t waste this time. I already planned (yes, that’s what I am also obsessed with) and written down the daily routine which will help me to have any structure during my 7-days-long weekends.

1.5 hour of learning German (Memrize and DuoLingo, here I go!), 3 hours of job searching, 1 hour of reading books and – if the flow comes – writing, 1.5 hour of yoga… Well, allowing some flexibility to go out with people and explore places as long as I am here in Lodz.

But that’s another contradiction: I feel bad doing nothing but following the plan is all a challenge for me! You know how it works with Netflix for example… You plan to see just one episode of a series and end up watching 3 in a row. I guess I’m not alone… Paradoxically, the less time I have, the more organized and productive I am. I have always had a huge problem in organizing my time when there are no deadlines motivating me.

When I know that I have an exam for which I need to study or the assignment which needs to be submitted by the particular day, I have no problem with it. Usually I do everything well in advance and rarely forget or blow things off. That’s why I really enjoyed working with my thesis supervisor – he demanded weekly meetings which made me work on my project regularly, not to come to see him empty-handed. That’s why I am giving myself this month to learn to organize my own time.

I have a nice colorful piece of paper with the day ‘timetable’ and plan to set the alarms at particular hours to follow it. Any other ideas?


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