22 years old, 
Polish on paper, world-citizen in heart
currently based in 📍Lodz, Poland

used to live in Spain, Germany, Sweden
and India for a couple of months each🌍

shortly graduating Biomedical Engineer 💉
interested in Biomechanics and 3D printing


on private?

aspiring polyglot (learning language no. 6)
obsessive-compulsive traveller ✈️

music, photography and modern art junkie 🎶

internet geek and social media addict 📱

open-minded extrovert, social lover 💃

vivid interlocutor,🍷
can’t live without people

talks almost as fast as she thinks ⏰

perfect date? walk and wine
Monday morning? coffee and calendar
evenings? yoga, beers or movies 🎥
perfect Sunday? Netflix and blanket
writing? best at night


Wanna know more? Just ASK me!